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Tips for Having a Happy, Safe Holiday Season

White Plains Hospital's top phsysician offers advice for celebrating safely during these unprecedented times.

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White Plains Hospital Holiday Cookbook

Delicious holiday recipes from around the globe.

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Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold. Helpful Tips for Staying Safe This Winter

Tips for weathering the season safely.
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Wintertime Guide to Exercising with a Mask

How masks affect your lungs during cold-weather exercise – with some surprising perks!
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What to Eat When You Are Sick

These power-packed foods are a delicious way to feel better, faster.


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Do I Have a Cold, COVID ... or Could It Be a Sinus Infection?

Lingering symptoms could require the help of a sinus specialist.


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What Healthcare Heroes Are Thankful For

Please celebrate safely. 
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Caregiver, Take Care of Yourself

Vitamins: All You Need, From A to Z

Getting essential nutrients from their natural sources is the best way to prevent deficiency and health problems. 
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Staying Ahead of Premature Birth

 It’s never too soon to avoid the risks of preterm birth.
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