New patient rooms at White Plains Hospital

Some of the features that increase comfort and safety for our patients and their visitors include the following:

Patient RoomIncreased privacy, added comfort and improved communications with medical staff, are some of the benefits of private rooms.


Room FurnitureThe rooms have brand-new, comfortable furniture; large glass windows that let in natural light; soothing artwork; spacious interiors; flat-screen televisions; WiFi access; and private bathrooms.


Visitor LoungeEach floor has a pantry with refrigerators, water and coffee/tea stations, and a visitors’ lounge area with comfortable seats, a television, and telephones.


Built-in ComputersEvery room has built-in computers for clinical staff, enhancing patient safety through use of electronic medical records and enabling the care team to provide up-to-date, accurate information to patients.


Nurses StationNurses’ stations with brand-new computers and upgraded phone systems enhance communication amongst the members of each patient’s healthcare team. Sound-dampening tiles and carpeting in the nurses’ stations reduce noise.


Handwashing sinksRisk of infection is minimized through features such as seamless floors and hands-free handwashing sinks to ensure patient safety and infection control.


Information BoardA dedicated information board in each patient’s room helps keep the patient educated about his or her condition and treatment, and fosters communication between the patient, his or her loved ones, and the care team.


Private BathroomEach room is equipped with a private bathroom, including a shower stall. All bathrooms feature handrails and are located near the beds, to help prevent slips and falls.