Hospital & Physician Charges

Hospital Charges

Hospitals are required by law to maintain and make available a list of prices for every service and procedure they offer. These standard prices do not reflect or represent the actual payment the hospital will receive for those services, nor do they represent your out-of-pocket costs. However, patients are entitled by law to request and receive this list of standard prices, and may do so by calling 914-681-1004.

New York State No Surprise Bill Handout
New York State No Surprise Bill Handout (Spanish)

Physician Charges

It is possible that multiple physician/provider(s) may be involved in your Hospital care. Physicians providing services at the hospital may be independent or they may be employed or contracted by the Hospital. A number of these professional medical services are billed separately from your Hospital bill. These fees are not set or controlled by the Hospital. It is also possible that the physicians involved may or may not participate in the same plans as the Hospital. Listed below are some of the contracted physician services providing a separate billing statement. Please call their phone numbers for billing inquiries.

White Plains Anesthesiology: 914-428-5454
White Plains Pathology: 844-880-2136

It is your responsibility to check with your insurance carrier or with the physician’s office to verify if the physician(s) is covered by your plan. For all non-emergent services, if the physician does not participate in your health plan, the physician, upon your request, must provide an estimated amount of what you will be billed for the service.