Care at White Plains Hospital

Our mission is to facilitate a person’s ability to identify and express spiritual concerns, to maintain hope and celebrate in the midst of pain and suffering, to reflect on matters of faith such as prayer and ritual, and to reframe the notion of healing to include the ability to find solace, comfort, connection, meaning and purpose in the face of illness and/or spiritual distress.

Our team of staff chaplains and volunteers offers compassionate care for patients, families and staff. In addition to providing for specific religious needs, we are clinically trained to offer supportive counseling and coping mechanisms to navigate the challenges one may face during times of illness and hospitalization. We serve people of all faiths.

Our services include:

  • Daily rounding on all hospital units, as well as the Center for Cancer Care
  • Collaboration with interdepartmental professionals
  • Offering
    • Prayer
    • Sacraments
    • Sabbath Ritual Items
    • Prayer Mats
  • Services
    • Roman Catholic Mass every Sunday- temporarily suspended
    • Jewish High Holy Days and Passover Seder
    • Diwali Service
    • Ramadan Hospitality