Our Cancer Program Genetic Screening

A genetic consultation begins by addressing your needs, worries and questions. The genetic counselor takes a comprehensive look at your personal and family medical history to determine the likelihood that the cancers in your family are caused by hereditary factors.  The genetic counselor recommends coping strategies, discusses early detection and methods of prevention, and helps you deal with practical and emotional issues.  These recommendations are personalized to you and your family.

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Genetic testing, which consists of collecting a sample of your blood or saliva for evaluation by a medical laboratory, is the most accurate way to estimate the probability of specific cancer risks. Test results can also help you and your physician make important decisions about your medical care.  Deciding whether or not to have genetic testing is a personal choice that can be made at the time of the consultation or at a future date.

In recent years, genetic testing has expanded rapidly. We are now able to test many genes at once, as opposed to a select few at a time. Patients who previously had genetic testing still may be interested in learning more about multigene panels and whether or not it’s right for them. 

Genetic counseling and genetic testing are often covered by insurance. The genetic counselor can provide the information you need to see if genetic counseling is covered by your insurance. If you decide to pursue genetic testing, most labs will do a preauthorization to confirm your coverage before running the test. 

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