When it comes to routine as well as emergency cardiac care, White Plains Hospital has an exceptional full-service cardiology program including a wide range of cardiovascular services to both outpatients and inpatients. Offering expert cardiologists, the latest interventional and non-invasive diagnostic tools, rapid emergency treatment of heart attack patients, and two cardiac catheterization labs, White Plains Hospital is known throughout the region as a destination for top-quality and lifesaving cardiac care.

When inpatient care is necessary, White Plains Hospital has an eight-bed Cardiac Care Unit staffed by cardiologists, pulmonary intensivists and critical care-trained registered nurses, as well as a Cardiac Step-Down Unit. Cardiologists provide much of the direct care and all of the oversight for our wide range of programs in this specialty area.

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When it comes to emergency treatment of a heart attack, quick intervention is necessary to prevent permanent damage to heart muscle and function. In the White Plains Hospital emergency department, patients diagnosed with symptoms of a heart attack can be rushed upstairs to one of the Hospital's two cardiac catheterization laboratories. There, a team of interventional cardiologists, nurses, and cardiovascular technicians can perform an emergency angioplasty, a minimally invasive procedure which uses a catheter, balloons, and stents to re-open clogged coronary arteries.