Diabetes Management at White Plains Hospital

Warm, compassionate, and personal care accompanied by advanced medical technology are the hallmarks of diabetes education and treatment at White Plains Hospital. We are dedicated to providing prompt diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment plan to help each patient develop and maintain the delicate balance between diet, exercise, and medication for successful self-care.  White Plains Hospital offers outpatient services for pediatric and adult, insulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent and gestational diabetes.

For in-patients with diabetes, skilled nurses and clinical nutritionists work closely with patients to ensure optimal blood glucose control during hospitalization. This may involve consulting with the patient’s endocrinologist or other diabetes care provider if available.

Our on-staff dietitians carefully review the menus of patients with diabetes to make sure that each meal contains the appropriate carb count and nutritional content. Patients and their designated family members are encouraged to communicate with their medical team should they have any questions about their diabetes management. Our goal is to create individualized plans to deliver the highest standard of diabetes care to all patients.

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