Our Maternity Program Pain Relief During Labor and Delivery

Labor is an intensely personal experience. No two labors are alike, even for the same mother, and each labor experience may include an assortment of emotions and varying levels of pain. At White Plains Hospital we support your personal choices for pain relief during labor. You may decide in advance whether or not to have an epidural or to experience labor naturally without pain medication. Or, you may choose to see how your labor is going before making your decision. The approach that is best suited for you will depend on your individual preferences and your unique situation during your labor and delivery process.

White Plains Hospital offers multiple pain relief options, including labor support, non-pharmacologic measures (breathing, guided imagery, relaxation techniques) and anesthesiologist-provided services.

Rest assured that White Plains Hospital has a board certified anesthesiologist available 24/7 for mothers in labor.

Discuss your pain relief preferences with your obstetrician, or consult with one of our anesthesiologists who can answer your questions and help you choose the approach that is best for you.