Our Maternity Program Pre-Admissions Information


To ensure a fast, smooth admission process, we suggest you pre-register for your hospital stay long before you notice the first signs of labor. You can pre-register by completing a maternity pre-admission form and submitting it two months prior to your expected due date. This information will be used to admit you when you are ready to deliver your baby and will reduce the amount of paperwork you will need to fill out when you arrive. For more information about pre-registration call (914) 681-1140.

The pre-admission form can be emailed to: admittingE-MailBox@wphospital.org. Or  faxed to 914-681-2903.  Also, include copy of your insurance card, the front and back.

Download our pre-registration form

Meet with a Maternity Pre-Admission Nurse

Whether you’re a first-time parent or having another child, you may have personal preferences, questions or concerns about how you would like to give birth. To help you become well prepared in advance of the big day we invite you to meet with one of our maternity pre-admission nurses. During this private, one-hour meeting we will review your medical and obstetrical history, discuss your birth preferences and expectations, answer any questions you have, and connect you to our wide range of resources such as our childbirth education and breastfeeding classes.

In lieu of a meeting, our maternity pre-admission nurses are available to you any time prior to your delivery to answer any questions that may arise.

Make an appointment with a White Plains Hospital maternity pre-admission nurse by calling (914) 681-2614.