Our Maternity Program Birthing Preferences

Childbirth is a uniquely personal experience. Knowing in advance the type of birth that is right for you will make it that much easier to have all of the key elements in place when it is time to have your baby. Some of the options you may want to consider include:

  • The birth atmosphere, including lighting and music
  • Attendants and visitors present at the birth such as a support person, doula and family members
  • Comfort measures including breathing techniques and integrative medicine
  • Use of a birth ball for comfort and pain relief
  • Type of labor
  • Permission to use blood products
  • Pain management options
  • Taking care of your baby, including feeding and circumcision

At White Plains Hospital we strive to fulfill your expectations and will work closely with you to accommodate your birth preferences. Discuss your birth preferences with your obstetrician to ensure that your vision aligns with what is best for you and your baby.