Orthopedic Surgery Arthroscopic Surgical Repair


During arthroscopy, a small camera called an arthroscope is inserted into a joint through a small incision in the skin, providing the surgeon with magnified images of the joint. The benefit of arthroscopic surgery is that it allows a surgeon to look at the joint surfaces and the surrounding soft tissues such as the ligaments and cartilage. Arthroscopy can be used to diagnose or repair a joint problem, remove a loose or foreign body, or monitor a disease or the effectiveness of a treatment. Arthroscopy is commonly performed on the knee, shoulder, and ankle and can also be done on the hip, elbow, and wrist.

Because it is minimally invasive, arthroscopic surgery offers patients many benefits, including:

  • Smaller incisions
  • Less scarring
  • No cutting of muscles or tendons
  • Less bleeding during surgery
  • A faster recovery time
  • A faster and more comfortable rehabilitation

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