Robotic Surgery Program at White Plains Hospital

White Plains Hospital began performing robotic surgery in Westchester in 2005 and since then has developed one of the most comprehensive and advanced robotics surgery programs in the region.

When it comes to surgery, it’s a simple fact that smaller incisions means less pain, less blood loss, less risk and often, faster recoveries. Robotic surgery offers patients better outcomes and a faster return to normal activities thanks to greater precision, 3-D visualization and smaller incisions.

Our surgeons expertly perform minimally invasive robotic surgeries to treat cancerous as well as benign disorders of the kidneys, prostate, bladder, ureter, ovaries, uterus, endometrium, fallopian tubes, gall bladder, lungs, colon, rectum, stomach and head and neck. Robotic-assisted surgery procedures are performed in state-of-the-art operating rooms using patient centered technology such as Single Site robotic surgery and advanced imaging.